Hopscotch Across the USA: Resources for a 50 States Unit Study

Resources for a 50 States Unit Study

Welcome to the first day of 10 Days of Hopscotching Across the USA!  I hope you’ll join me as I share resources for learning about our fabulous 50 United States.

We couldn’t pack up an RV and travel the whole United States (though that is a dream of mine), so I put together a 50 states unit study.  We spent last year learning about all of the amazing things right within our borders.  It was such a fun and enriching study that I’d like to share my ideas with all of you!

My focus for the study was giving my children an overall understanding of our country and its natural beauty, amazing landmarks, blending of many different cultures and unique history.

I didn’t want to focus on memorizing mottoes, state birds, or flags. Not that we wouldn’t discuss those topics as we learned about each state, but I wouldn’t be hoping they’d recall which state’s bird is a blue jay or what the flag for Wisconsin looks like.

I hope you’ll join me as I share books, videos, and internet resources along with notebooking and hands-on activities to explore the sights, sounds, and tastes of the 50 states. I’ll give you ideas for studying the geography, natural environment, famous people and places that make up the USA and compile a keepsake notebook along the way.

Come back tomorrow for my list of go-to resources for learning about the USA.  Subscribe via email or RSS so you don’t miss a post!

Here are the topics from this series:

Day 1: Introduction to the 50 States Unit Study
Day 2: Learning About the States
Day 3: Getting to Know Your Geography
Day 4: Games to Play
Day 5: Recording Your Journey
Day 6: Famous Places in the USA
Day 7: Natural Attractions
Day 8: Nature Study
Day 9: The People of America
Day 10: Food from the 50 States

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